There is currently just too much newsletter-based marketing going on!

It might have been a nice idea a few years ago but today it feels like I barely get any spam mails anymore, I receive newsletters that I was either bullied into subscribing or I didn’t even know I subscribe to.

Why do you have to remind me two or three times if I didn’t follow your call to action? “Read this!”, “Buy That!”, “Have you read our last ten emails?”


I did and if I haven’t responded, clicked on a link or bought anything, it might mean that I just don’t care?

I am looking at you Zalando dev community newsletter thingy!




It is worth remembering a website does not have to be a product; it can also be art. The web is also a creative and cultural space that need not confine itself to the conventions defined by commercial product design and marketing.

Read this wonderful article and decided to switch my blog to a more indieweb-web friendly platform (the old site was using ghost, it’s now wordpress with the full set of indieweb plugins).

I will describe my take on the IndieWeb idea in one of my next posts.