There is currently just too much newsletter-based marketing going on!

It might have been a nice idea a few years ago but today it feels like I barely get any spam mails anymore, I receive newsletters that I was either bullied into subscribing or I didn’t even know I subscribe to.

Why do you have to remind me two or three times if I didn’t follow your call to action? “Read this!”, “Buy That!”, “Have you read our last ten emails?”


I did and if I haven’t responded, clicked on a link or bought anything, it might mean that I just don’t care?

I am looking at you Zalando dev community newsletter thingy!




The Small Web by Parimal Satyal

It is worth remembering a website does not have to be a product; it can also be art. The web is also a creative and cultural space that need not confine itself to the conventions defined by commercial product design and marketing.

Defining the IndieWeb by Chris AldrichChris Aldrich

The concept of IndieWeb is something slightly different to many people and it’s ever evolving and changing, just like the internet itself.
Trying to define it is somewhat akin to trying to define America: while it has a relatively well-defined geographic border and place in time, its people, laws,…

Read this wonderful article and decided to switch my blog to a more indieweb-web friendly platform (the old site was using ghost, it’s now wordpress with the full set of indieweb plugins).

I will describe my take on the IndieWeb idea in one of my next posts.